Sunday School and Bible Study

Our Sunday School begins in September and ends the first week of June.  Our church nursery is available each Sunday for childcare during Sunday School.  A brief summary of the various classes within the Christian Education program at First Baptist Church follows:

 • Pre-school and Elementary Students: The prepared activities for those of this age group consist of a center-based educational program that rotates students between rooms.  In each room, students experience Bible stories, music, crafts, games, and drama.  The purpose of this program is to lay the foundation for a Christian faith in each student that can be built upon over a lifetime.

• Junior High and High School Students: This class meets in the Youth Room in the lower level of the church. It provides Bible-based instruction to those students at the junior high and high school levels.  This class is a combination of Bible study and the application of scripture to daily life.

Bible Study Class I: This class meets in the church library and works from the lectionary calendar.  The purpose of this class is to study and use the Scriptures to provide direction for everyday living.

Bible Study Class II: This class meets in the Fellowship Hall on the first floor of the church. The class is currently studying John Ortberg's book, "The Life You've Always Wanted."

• MJ Class: The "Mission & Justice" class meets in the Fellowship Hall for discussions on different topics.

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