Our Mission Statement




We, the members of the First Baptist Church of Jackson, Michigan, experiencing the grace of God, the Father; accepting Jesus Christ, the Son, as Savior and Lord; relying on the guidance of the Spirit; and believing the Holy Scriptures to be our rule of faith and practice; joyfully and solemnly covenant:

To seek a deeper relationship with God through prayer, Bible Study, personal growth and our support of each other;

To provide for growth in discipleship through a comprehensive program of Christian education;

To announce and to realize God’s free acceptance of us: by being ourselves, an accepting and affirming fellowship;

To develop loving relationships with other individuals, classes, races, faiths and nations; aware that our neighbors are also God’s children.

To involve our lives and our church in the needs of our community and the issues of the world;

And to participate actively in the worship and ministry of the church by total commitment of what we are and have to God and Christ.

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